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The Asoc. Humanitaria San Francisco De Asis is a not for profit association dedicated to improving animal and community welfare in the rural villages of Northern Peru.
Our Mission:
To improve Animal and Community life in Northern Peru.
Our Vision:
The establishment of a community centre where animal husbandry is carried out
as a means of improving life for the whole community.


Due to the high level of poverty and the lack of education by animal owners, there is a high degree of neglect (both intentional and unintentional), being imposed on domestic animals. It is very difficult for many of these people to spay/neuter their animals not only due to the cost factors and logistics of transportation to facilities, but more so due to lack of awareness; of not knowing what to look for in regards to the health of their animals.
In our ongoing attempts to combat these issues, the Asoc. is addressing the needs of the communities as follows:
  • School programming in various rural communities and towns throughout Northern Peru directed at teachers and children focusing on animal well being and environment.
  • Providing Mobile Veterinarian Clinics to small rural town and villages
  • Provide lodging facilities to volunteer workers
  • Equine Workshops/Clinics
  • Operation and management of an Animal Rehabilitation Center
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