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My name is Rosemary Gordon, founder of Associacion Humanitaria San Francisco De Asis.  We are an animal rescue center running a veterinarian clinic.  We treat all animals, but we have a specialty in spaying and neutering cats and dogs.  We also place an emphasis on educating animal owners and children about animal care.

Our animals here in Northern Peru need a great deal of help.

We are looking for a person who:

< is genuinely passionate about animals
< is looking for a fulfilling experience
< is wishing to give of themselves
< is wanting to leave a footprint by making this a better world for animals
< enjoys interacting and sharing hands-on-experience with our small group of dedicated people

If this sounds good, then this opportunity might be for you!

We are located in Colan, a beach town in Northern Peru.  The association is 100 meters from the beach, where the sandy shores are nice for walking and where beautiful sunsets can be seen.

We are looking for autonomous, friendly people with initiative who can pitch in whole-heartedly.  An ideal candidate is proactive and can identify projects which need done.  We welcome people who can bring ideas to us from different backgrounds.  Most important, we need people who are passionate about animals and want to take care of them.

We prefer people who can stay for at least two weeks so the animals have an opportunity to get used to you. Anyone out there wanting to stay 6 months to give me a break??

Area:  Colan, Peru
Languages spoken:  English, Spanish
Volunteer hours expected:  25 hours per week
Work on offer:  Animal care, dog walking, general maintenance, art projects, gardening, and help with computers/internet

Type of work:  We are looking for volunteers to help us with creative art projects (some of which might potentially be sold to help raise additional funds for the animals); walking dogs on the beach; feeding and watering animals; cleaning pet enclosures; helping in the gardens; and general maintenance work.

You will work Monday to Friday from 7am until noon, which includes a 1 hour break for breakfast.

Type of accommodation:  We are a charity association, therefore we do not receive much income.  Because of this, we must kindly ask you to contribute towards your stay:

Cost per week stay:  S/375.00;  (about $120 US) depends on current exchange rate.
Included in the price:  3 basic meals a day (Monday to Friday).  Breakfast ONLY on Saturdays and Sundays.
Not included in the price:  Alcohol, sodas, bottled water

Services we provide

Our focus is providing both veterinarian services to the animals and education to the people.  Besides the one-on-one education with people who have animals, we also go into rural villages and local markets where we conduct spay and neuter clinics and educate the owners and children.  Our efforts help reduce the numbers of the street population of cats and dogs who do not have owners.  Annually between 800-1000 animals are spayed/neutered.  This program is funded by Foundation Brigitte Bardot.  After 18 years of doing this, more and more people are bringing their animals in for care. Accommodations and food are provided on site for the following reasons:
To make our charity “sustainable”
To ensure volunteers have a clean, safe place to stay
To help support our local economy (this is also part of our mission)
To assist in generating funds as we are almost fully dependent financially on this and other donations from all over the  world.

Volunteers are required to use the accommodations provided by the charity.  The price is very reasonable and assists in keeping our Association and Community vibrant.  The cost of accommodation is S/375.00 per week which works out to approximately $120 US at current exchange rates.  This includes basic meals (just breakfast on the weekends), and one load of laundry per week.  Vegetarians are catered to within basic limits.  No profit is taken, all funds raised from this service go into the Association and the community.

Role of the Volunteer
A central role of the volunteer is to pass on the knowledge and expertise you have to the people in Colan and surrounding villages you will be working in.  Your contribution will be based on your qualifications and skills, as well as your particular interests….and the time you have available.

Our animals here in Northern Peru need a great deal of help.  If you are looking for a fulfilling experience where you can give of yourself and make a difference, as well as interact and share hands-on-experiences with our small group of dedicated people, this opportunity might be for you.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.

If you are interested in volunteering please download the Volunteer Application Form - doc Form (Microsoft Word needed) fill it and send it by e-mail to the given e-mail.
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